Aaron Gwin sigue fuera de la competencia

Aaron Gwin sigue fuera de la competencia

Claudio Olguin, 25/07/2019

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Hey friends, little bit of an update. Shoulder rehab is goin well, makin progress everyday and workin hard to come back strong. My right shoulder is starting to feel decent but unfortunately the left one is taking longer than I’d hoped. I’m able to do easy riding but can’t pull up on the bars hard or handle any type of bigger impact. I was really hoping to make National Champs this week and the following 2 World Cups but I’m still a ways out. I’ve been racing injured most of the year and I’m going to be patient with this one and wait till I’m back to full speed. So as of now, I’ve shifted my focus to World Champs. That’ll give me the time I need to fully heal and then a few weeks of riding to get back up to speed. I’ve never won that race and I’m really looking forward to being strong there. It’s been a tough season so far, probably more mentally than anything. I’m really missing ridin at 100% and it’s rough to be watching these races from home. I’ve been taking advantage of the time away though the best that I can and I’m happy with the progress there. I’ve been focused on rebuilding the strength in my lower body/ankle since the ankle injury a few months ago and that’s going well. Upper body will come next. I’ve had some great meetings with my crew at @intensecycles on bike setup and we’ve got a few new projects releasing in the near future which has us excited. I’ve finally had some time to finish my house and I’m hoping to get through final inspection in the next week. The amount of paperwork and fee’s to handle all that has been real. Lol Hoping to move in middle of next month, been pretty much living out of a suitcase in by buddies guest bedroom for almost a year now haha. Other than all that and some extra guitar time, I’m just really enjoying this time with my friends back home. The support crew here has been epic and that’s keeping things fun when I’m off the bike. Anyways, long post but was waiting till I knew what was going on and when I’d be coming back. Thanks to all you guys for the support and messages. Really looking forward to coming back and hoping to finish this year strong. 🤜🏼🤛🏼

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Al parecer Aaron Gwin tenía contemplado menos tiempo para estar de vuelta en las pistas, pero la recuperación para estar al 100% ha sido un poco más larga de lo que esperaba.
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