Öhlins Introduces Updated TTX22m.2 Shock

[Press Release] –  Öhlins announces the launch of the TTX22m.2 – a second iteration of the original TTX22m that benefits from several design evolutions. The updated TTX22m.2 builds on the supreme levels of big hit performance, traction and control that have made the original the go-to shock choice for gravity riders including reigning UCI MTB World Cup Champion Loic Bruni and Specialized Gravity team mate, Finn Iles.

This iteration of the popular shock is the result of our company culture of continuous product development that disregards ‘model years’ in favor of incremental improvements led by constant research, testing and innovation. The TTX22m.2 offers optimized overall performance and increased adjustment.


Improved bottom out performance
The new TTX22m.2 benefits from improved bottom out performance courtesy of a newly designed bump rubber, as well as the cup it sits in. This significantly improves mid to end stroke control as a result of earlier engagement and more consistent and predictable support.

The new bump rubber in combination with the cup it sits in, acts as a second spring, loading and releasing energy to ensure the rider returns back into position after a heavy compression in a quick and controlled manner. Overall, the spring curve of the shock will improve performance for less progressive bikes that need more end stroke support. The new design also has the added effect of lowering the risk of a hard bottom out that may affect handling.

Easier stroke adjustment
Changing spring and stroke is an easy operation on the TTX22m.2. This is achieved by adding or removing 2.5 mm washers under the bump rubber cup. No special tools are required, nor is shock disassembly needed to perform the operation. The spring, meanwhile, can be changed by simply loosening the preload and removing the spring seat lock ring. The spring can then slide over the end eye, making it easy to optimize sag and shock performance.

Wider adjustment range
The updated shock’s blue trail high-speed compression valve  now provides a wider adjustment range. Importantly, this gives the rider more distinct alternatives to choose between when customizing setup. This new wider range also adds support in the pedal mode, making the bike a more efficient climber. The golden DH compression valve retains the same adjustment range as the original, which is already perfectly optimized for gravity riding.

Improved fitting
Two new cylinder heads have been developed for TTX22m.2 making the shock more adaptable. The cylinder heads for both regular end eyes and trunnion mount now have a side-by-side reservoar design. This means the shocks are more compact and can be fitted on a larger range of bikes. For trunnion there will also be a traditional in-line piggyback version.

Specifications and availability
  • TTX-technology
  • Specifically designed for trail and downhill use
  • 250/225 length with golden DH compression valve. All other lengths with blue trail valve
  • Available in metric lengths/strokes
  • Standard side-by-side cylinder head
  • 210×55/52.5/50/47.5mm
  • 230×65/62.5/60/57.5mm
  • 250×75/72.5/70/67.5mm
  • Trunnion side-by-side or piggyback cylinder head
  • 185×55/52.5/50/47.5mm
  • 205×65/62.5/60/57.5mm
  • 225×75/72.5/70/67.5mm
  • Possible to simply adjust stroke with the three 2.5 mm spacers included in the box
  • Suitable for our lightweight springs with 4 Nm/23 lbs increments
  • External, three level high-speed compression adjustment
  • External, 16 click low-speed compression adjustment rebound damping adjustment
  • External, seven click rebound adjustment
  • Weight: 486g (for a shock Trunnion 205×65)

Thomas Westfeldt, Product Manager MTB , ÖHLINS Racing AB, said: “Continuous product development is a very important part of what we do at Öhlins. Working with athletes closely and sharing knowledge across multiple departments – from Formula 1 to motocross and beyond – means incremental advances in technology are frequent. If we can make a shock or fork better, we’ll update it. This new TTX22m.2 is a great example of this core philosophy and we’re pleased we can now offer it to customers”.

Pricing:$795 USD / €885 EUR / £799GBP

Availability: Now


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