Best Enduro Location Ever? Trans Madeira – June 5th – 9th 2018

Enduro mountain biking is the ultimate way to get to new locations, explore new trails and to live life on a different pace. Since the last ten years, Madeira Island, a Portuguese island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, has been growing exponentially in terms of adventure sports, with enduro leading the way to new target audiences on a global scale. Big mountains, beautiful landscapes, warm weather all year round, delicious food and over 500 years culture makes Madeira one of the top locations for mountain biking 365 days per year. Since May 2017, Madeira reached the industry top spot, when Freeride Madeira and Clube Caniço Riders organized the Enduro World Series round three, where more than 370 racers visited the island to race in what some considered the World’s most diverse terrain.


A couple months later, we’re back to our origins as mountain bikers, looking for old paths that connect the island west to east and south to north. Exploring the starting high in the mountains and finishing each and every single day down the ocean – that’s basically what we’ve been doing for years as locals and also with our bike holidays customers. Sharing the ride in such unique and different locations, covering the much ground possible via singletracks and experiencing the best things Madeira has to offer: that doesn’t sound bad at all. That’s when everything made perfect sense and that’s when the Trans Madeira project become a reality.

Madeira has trails, passion for the sport, big mountains, delicious food, culture – all the essential components to create a unique adventure and experience. This is more than a race; it’s the perfect way to explore Madeira.



Photos: Antonio Abreu, Sven Martin & Jacob Gibbons


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