[Bike Check] Davide Sottocornola’s Rocky Mountain Altitude



Davide Sottocornola is well known in Italy as one of the top Enduro riders. The first serious international race of the year the Superenduro is taking place in Massa Marittima, Tuscany. Davide showed us his ride for the very first race of the year and all his trick parts.


DAvide Sotto cornola-0069

DAvide Sotto cornola-0077

DAvide Sotto cornola-0074

DAvide Sotto cornola-0072

DAvide Sotto cornola-0089

DAvide Sotto cornola-0087


DAvide Sotto cornola-0085

DAvide Sotto cornola-0083

DAvide Sotto cornola-0081

DAvide Sotto cornola-0080

DAvide Sotto cornola-0079

DAvide Sotto cornola-0086

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