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On a recent visit to Muc-Off head quarters in Poole, in the southern United Kingdom we came across this little 90’s beauty. Labelled as the DHR WCB, half motorcross bike half DH rig, probably one of the most bizarre bikes we have ever seen, and an instant classic.  Muc-off used to be a specialist light weight bike parts manufacturer that was big in the UK in the 90’s, then they came up with a cleaning product, that shall we say took over their direction, however they have a few gems in their head quarters which we had a look at.



Ok so we could not risk the standard bike check free standing picture, so we had to use a hand… notice the short wheel base and high bottom bracket, where they were going with this design we are not sure, but it looks like it is motocross inspiration.


A full chain guide on XTR cranks, which are mounted on the swing arm, so the chain remains the same length all the time.  No bash guard, but with a bottom bracket that high would you need one?


The chassis is made of aluminium that looks pretty sweetly finished, the saddle is a foam form that is glued to the frame.


X-lite forks, they made everything it seems.


X-lite bar and stem that look surprisingly modern and probably were the inspiration for many of today’s bar and stem combinations. High end machining and forming.


A closer look at the “direct” drive reveals a standard dérailleur and Hope Disc brakes. In Theory this type of design would eliminate  brake jack or chain tension on suspension effects, but it looks pretty heavy.


A closer look at one of those strange rear shocks on the back of another bike (it was easier to see), with an expansion chamber piggy back connected via tube, looking like it was directly removed from a motorbike and placed on this. The shock looks really burly and like it was designed for serious weight.


It seems like it was not just a prototype, as the prototype can be seen sitting here. Same ideas more bicycle like, bring back the 90’s and the innovation and crazy ideas that were taking place.


Short and high…



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