Bikes of Lenzerheide World Champs

We start our bike check series from the Lenzerheide 2018 World Championships and what better way to kick it off than with Gerhard Kerschbaumer and his Torpado Matador? Following his bike are the Cannondale Scalpels from Avancini, Fumic and Marotte. Lastly, Emily Batty’s Trek Fuel…


Kerschbaumer’s Torpado is outfitted with the new Shimano XTR 12 speed group.

We’re finally getting used to seeing huge cassettes from Shimano.

Suspension is provided by FOX with a remote lock out.

FOX 32 SC with Italian made Ursus wheels bolted up.

Kerschbaumer is sporting the number 3 plate at the moment. With the momentum he’s had, he’s looking to drop a couple of digits.

Henrique Avancini’s Scalpel:

Manuel Fumic’s Scalpel:

Marotte’s Scalpel:

Emily Batty’s Fuel:


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