[First Look] PNW Components Composite Pedal

A very nice looking set of high value pedals just arrived for testing from PNW Components. While we’ve been putting in time riding the aluminum Loam pedals, these are of a very similar design, but with a plastic/composite body, a lighter weight and a lower price. We’ll be putting this set of pedals through the paces over the coming months, but for now you can catch a quick rundown on their finer points below…


  • Weight: 390g per pair (397 grams on our scale)
  • Pedal Body Material: Glass fiber-reinforced nylon composite
  • Axle: Chromoly steel
  • Bearings: Cartridge bearing, roller bearing and inboard bushing
  • Pins: 22 steel pins and nuts per pedal
  • Platform Size: 115x108mm
  • 7 colors (!)
  • $49.00


A design aspect I found interesting upon opening the package was that the composite pedals have significant relief in their body. Note the channeled grooves in the bracing sections that run from the axle to the outside of the cage.

In addition to the aforementioned channels, there is also a good amount of hollowed out sections between the contact surfaces both inboard and outboard. Also note that the pedals do lean a bit more convex in profile. Most riders prefer their pedal shape a bit more concave, although pin location and shoe choice can weigh in heavily in this regard.

All 22 pins are fully replaceable and feature threaded inserts.

Lastly, each pin is offset from side to side for easy swaps.

We’ll keep you posted on how these hold up in the long run, but for under fifty bucks they’re looking very promising…


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