Formula Introduces the Highly Adjustable Selva-R

Formula just launched a new fork today –  the Selva R. Building off of the already highly adjustable Selva line, the fork sees an updated air spring in addition to things like their foam “Neopos” volume reducers, and a wide range of user friendly plug and play compression damping stacks. Check out the full scoop in the press release below:


2Air – Sensitivity control

Thanks to the 2Air system, it’s possible to manage fork’s response in the first part of the travel by modifying the pressure in the negative chamber (Bronze). By adjusting this, you can control the small-bumps compliance of the fork. In a traditional air fork with two air chambers and just one air valve this is factory set and not adjustable.

Travel change

With the 2Air system, it’s possible to change the travel of the fork without having to replace any components. The Selva R can be set from 130 to 160mm (Standard version) and from 170 to 180mm (Extended version).

Longer life

The Selva R o-rings have a longer life because they work exclusively in contact with smooth and unmachined surfaces.

CTS – Custom Tuning System

Seven colors, seven different behaviors

Thanks to CTS technology (proprietary to Formula) the damping of the Selva R is fully customizable. With seven CTS valves available, each rider will find a tailor-made setting for his style. In addition, thanks to the external compression and rebound knobs, you can fine-tune the damping.

The seven CTS valves transform the way your fork behaves. These are not modifications effected through the use of traditional external controls. The CTS valve is a fundamental structural part of the hydraulic cartridge, changing the valve means changing the cartridge itself, modifying fork’s behaviour.

An obvious advantage of this system is that using different valves is like having more than one forks, each one appropriate for different situations.

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The Neopos is an innovative technology (proprietary to Formula) that will allow any rider to better manage the progressiveness and will also give to the fork a way much more comfortable feeling compared to a traditional air fork.

The Neopos has unveiled a new age for volume-spacers. Thanks to the Neopos anyone can get the best of two worlds: the feeling of a coil spring and the adjustability of the air spring.

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IFT (Internal Floating Technology)

The IFT (Internal Floating Technology) is what truly differentiates our forks from any other fork. Smoothness is very important in terms of suspension performance. All forks, regardless of their stiffness, experience some kind of lateral stress while riding. This type of stress increases the friction of the internal parts.

Thanks to Formula’s design, our hydraulic cartridge is structurally merged with the stanchions and lower legs. In a riding situation, our internals compensate for the external stresses placed on the fork. This causes an incredible reduction of friction.

Hexagon design

The ability of a fork to resist flexing is a key factor for maximum riding precision. A fork that rebounds too fast may make riding unsafe with an overall lack of control, above all when braking and cornering.

In the same way, it is important that the fork is not too stiff, because it may make riding too tiring. Many riders are skeptical about using boost because they fear the forks have too much flex and added weight. When designing the Selva R we had a fundamental aim in mind, finding the perfect balance point between stiffness and flex, this is the same as our standard forks.

Thanks to the Hexagon design, the natural flex of the fork has been dramatically decreased with this lightweight method. In this way, we have managed to combine the advantages of the standard boost with the stiffness of a traditional fork.



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