FOX Introduces Factory Tuning Program

If you currently have a FOX product and you’re curious about custom tuning, upgrading air springs or damping cartridges, you might want to have a look at FOX’s Factory Tuning Program…Full details in the press release below, straight from the horse’s mouth…

[Press Release] – Looking to upgrade your FOX fork with the latest FLOAT EVOL air spring or FIT4 damper tune? Or maybe you are looking to save a little weight with a Kabolt axle while you get a Factory Service?


FOX’s factory fork and shock settings provide an excellent range of adjustment for many riders, but there are some riders that would like the opportunity to upgrade to a newer damper tune or even something out of the ordinary. For those riders, FOX has developed the FOX Factory Tuning (FFT) program.

The FFT program is designed to provide our customers with the best possible product for their individual needs. FFT is exclusive to FOX Service Centers, allowing the product to retain the original product warranty.

FFT has upgrade and tuning offerings for forks, shocks, and seatposts and is ideally combined with a service or repair request from a customer, as the product is already at the FOX Service Center.

Tuning comes in various forms. The customer can upgrade the existing product to the latest technologies like a FIT4 damper or FLOAT EVOL air spring system. The product can be tuned with a remote or converted to manual activation.

FFT also offers personalized ride dynamics options with several choices of damper tunes for fork and rear shocks.

FOX Factory Tune Website

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