Mondraker Introduces their Newly Refined 2019 Lineup

Mondraker Introduces their Newly Refined 2019 Lineup

Francesco Mazza, 23/07/2018

Spanish brand Mondraker is constantly evolving and for the 2019 range has introduced some seemingly small, but substantial changes. First, they have combined the tried and true Forward Geometry concept with forks that have 7mm less offset, for both 27.5 “and 29” models. They also offers the possibility of adjusting ing the head tube angle by +/- 1 ° on a greater number of models. They have also revised the Dunes’ suspension system to house metric sized shocks with trunnion mounts for 170mm of travel with an improved compression curve. Also, this applies to the new 29-inch Foxy, which we tested in May.

Below are the images of the main models of the 2019 range with their respective weights.


Summum – 16,8kg

Summum Pro – 16,7kg

Summum Carbon Pro – 16,2kg

Summum Carbon Pro Team – 15,6kg


Dune – 14,7kg

Dune R – 14,9kg

Dune Carbon R – 14,3kg

Dune Carbon XR – 13,8kg


Foxy 27.5 – 14,5kg

Foxy XR 27.5 – 14,8kg

Foxy Carbon R 27.5 – 13,6kg

Foxy Carbon XR 27.5 – 13,75kg

Foxy 29 – 14,7kg

Foxy XR 29 – 15,4kg

Foxy Carbon R 29 – 13,94kg

Foxy Carbon RR 29 – 13,56kg

Foxy Carbon XR 29 – 13,42kg


Podium Carbon – 10,15kg

Podium Carbon R – 9,0kg

Podium Carbon RR – 8,5kg


Chrono – 12,5kg

Chrono R – 12,6kg

Chrono RR – 12,2kg

Chrono Carbon – 10,7kg

Chrono Carbon R – 10,4kg