Orange RX9 Fork Recall




Orange Bikes – RX9 Fork Safety Recall Notice

What is the problem?

The issue is related to the height of the fork cathead. This is the part of the fork that connects the fork steerer tube to the legs of the fork. Affected forks have an undersized cathead. This means the join between the cathead and the steerer is not strong enough.


How do I check my fork?

It is clear to see if the fork is part of the recall by a visual inspection.
On forks that need replacing the measurement of the cathead in the center is 30mm.


The forks that are ok, and do not require replacement, have a cathead with a 35mm central measurement.

If you are at all unsure about whether or not your RX9 fork is safe to use please be in contact with your Orange Bikes retailer or Orange Bikes directly and we will be able to offer further advice.

What Orange Bikes will do for owners of a recalled RX9?

If you have checked your forks and have found them to be ok you can continue to use the bike and no action is required.

If you find you have an affected fork DO NOT RIDE YOUR BICYCLE UNTIL THE FORK HAS BEEN REPLACED.

Please contact Orange Bikes’ warranty department to request a replacement fork.
Please be prepared to supply the frame number of the affected bike when you request the replacement fork.

Orange Bikes will provide you with a replacement fork for each qualifying RX9 at no cost.

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