Rocky Mountain Introduces the New Instinct

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Rocky Mountain has updated the Instinct, which becomes the mainstay of the trail segment for the Canadian brand’s range, embodying in a single model the legacy of the previous version of Instinct and the Thunderbolt.


In fact, the new Instinct is available in both 29″ and 27.5″ wheel sizes, depending on the size, with a wide range of options starting from XS to get to XL. Sizes XS and S are available in 27.5″ versions while 29″ starts with S, the only size available in both wheel sizes, up to XL. The frames in the two wheel sizes are also different in shape, with the 27.5″ version clearly boasting more curvature.

The new Instinct, in both wheel sizes, has 140mm of rear travel with a 150mm fork and is strongly inspired by the enduro rated Altitude both in terms of design and for all its distinctive features.

In fact, we’ll find the traditional Ride-9 system, a sort of 4-position flip-chip on the rear shock linkage that allows you to change the geometry and compression curve of the suspension system.

The upper shock mount, on the other hand, on versions of the Instinct with a carbon frame, is removable and is designed to be able to update the frame in the future, if necessary, with a different compression curve or with different shock absorber sizes.

Another flip-chip has been placed on the rear wheel axle so as to allow you to change the length of the chainstay between two different figures with 10mm of difference, the shortest for greater maneuverability and the longest to enjoy more stability.

The routing of the cables is internal to the frame and completely sleeved on the versions with carbon frame while on the versions with aluminum frame, the routing is internal but not sleeved, so the entrance doors have been made of larger dimensions to facilitate easy maintenance. The chainstay and down tube are protected by special hard rubber shells.



Two colors are available for the new Instinct, while there are eight set-ups – six with a carbon frame and two with an aluminum alloy frame, in addition to the possibility of purchasing the carbon frame only.

Below are the weights indicated for each set-up in size M.

Instinct Carbon 99: 13.08kg
Instinct Carbon 90: 13.65kg
Instinct Carbon 70: 14.24kg
Instinct Carbon 70 Coil: 14.56kg
Instinct Carbon 50: 14.15kg
Instinct Carbon 30: 14.4kg
Instinct Carbon frameset: 3.14kg
Instinct Alloy 50: 15.3kg
Instinct Alloy 30: 15.76kg

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