Schwalbe Introduces Pressure Prof

Schwalbe Pressure Prof: Calculate Your Optimal Tire Pressure for Maximum Performance

With the correct air pressure, mountain bikers get the most out of their bike, but the correct pressure is as individual as mountain biking itself.  As a guideline, Schwalbe now offers an on-line calculator: Schwalbe’s  Pressure Prof determines the optimal tire pressure – this is a true  innovation in the bike world. 


As the only connection to the ground, tires have a much larger effect on how the ride feels than any other bicycle part. “Rarely is the correct air pressure used. Many cyclists inflate their tires way too much or too little, which results in a loss of potential performance of the tire as well as the bike,” explains Schwalbe Junior Product Manager Carl Kämper. “Pressure Prof allows you to precisely and quickly calculate the optimal air pressure for your tires – for all mountain biking disciplines and with options for every terrain.”

The Pressure Prof thinks of everything: it analyses nine parameters, from the rider’s body weight to the width of the rims to the type of ground surface. This and many other calculations are based on algorithms which contain the expertise that Schwalbe has accumulated during the past decades of research and development. The recommendations, therefore, apply exclusively to Schwalbe MTB tires.

Even experienced riders benefit. The pressure can be recalculated and optimised for each individual ride. For example, Prof knows that the use of Tubeless or Procore allows you to go below the minimum recommended tire pressure listed, as puncture protection is much greater and accounted for in the calculation. This can take your performance to a new level. “Optimal tire pressure is the easiest and cheapest way of tuning any mountain bike,” concludes Carl Kämper.

Find the free Schwalbe Pressure Prof at – of course also available from a mobile device. 

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