Specialized Announces New Enduro Duty BLCK DMND Tires

Specialized just presented a new version of the Butcher and Hillbilly, with a new “Blck Dmnd” casing, designed for Enduro. Born out of input from Jared Graves and Curtis Keene, the two Specialized EWS racers, these tires have the goal of being more resistant, to withstand the EWS descents, without however becoming quite as heavy as the DH counterparts.


As you can see from the image, the construction is in two layers: a 120 TPI base, which should give a “trail feeling” combined with the so-called “Flip-up Ply”, designed for the strength and stability typical of a rubber DH. Apex strengthens the shoulder and protects against pinches and impacts with rocks. Both tires have foldable beads. In summary, this tire falls somewhere between an old “Grid” and a DH casing.

The Gripton compound has been developed to have traction but at the same time be quite efficient with rolling resistance. Find the weights below, prices to be defined.


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