[Tested] Abus MonTrailer

We’re all familiar with German safety giant Abus for their top notch bike locks, and bags. After seeing an image of their MonTrailer helmet online, its unique aesthetic piqued our curiosity, prompting us to try one out during these past few months of riding. The MonTrailer retails for $ 149.99 USD.


  • Available in White, Black, Blue, Orange, Green, and Pink.
  • USD $ 149.99
  • Transparent visor for better vision field
  • EPS liner
  • Rubber Goggle grommet
  • “Ponytail compatible”
  • 5 Air inlets and 7 Air outlets
  • 380 grams


We Opted for the all black colorway of the MonTrailer, it’s got a clean matte finish, and features fairly subtle graphics. A unique aesthetic around the ear area separates the MonTrailer from other more ‘standard’ helmet designs. A key feature of the helmet is the clear visor – its level of transparency could be compared to a tinted window of a car.

You’ll notice a lack of any spherical protection such as MIPS – the MonTrailer is offered in a MIPS option, but currently isn’t available in the United States. Thin but comfortable pads line the EPS shell.

The helmet features an easy to turn adjustment knob to achieve a secure fit, but unlike many helmets, it’s not adjustable vertically, causing the already shallow helmet to sit higher as it’s tightened.

The swopped rear profile and rubber grommet creates Abus’ ‘GoggFit’ system, designed to allow goggles a place to grip. We typically don’t wear goggles while riding our local trails, but this feature would seem to be advantageous to those that do.

On The Trail

The MonTrailer’s fit didn’t seem to jive with our testers head shape, we felt the helmet featured more of an oval shaped profile than most helmets we’re used to. We had some issues getting the helmet to sit properly on our head due to the aforementioned cinch closure, and its lack of vertical adjustability. Had we been able to move the strap further down, it may have locked in the helmet more securely. It’s worth noting that every one of us has a different body type, including our head shape, so product such as seats, grips, helmets, and apparel can’t be perfectly reviewed to apply to the masses. The chinstrap, and padded liner felt comfortable, and wicked moisture well.

We liked the transparent visor, but its preset angle felt a bit low for our liking, but was made up for by the fact that one can actually see above their normal line of sight. In tight sections of trail with low hanging branches and overhead obstacles we greatly enjoyed the clarity in the visor, as it allowed for a heightened sense of our surroundings.


The fit of the MonTrailer was a bit of a deal breaker for our tester personally, but could be the prefect match for the right person. At 380 grams, the MonTrailer isn’t the lightest, as you’ll find MIPS equipped helmets in the 390-400 gram range. If you’re often riding tight, brush filled terrain, and want to have ‘eyes in the top of your head’ the transparent visor is a pretty cool feature. For those not looking to empty the piggy-bank, and who are looking to equip themselves with a catchy looking lid suited to narrow head shapes, the MonTrailer is worthy of consideration.

More at: Abus

Editors Note: As we are aware of the risks COVID-19 has on our society, our images and ride time on this product was done in a safe, low risk setting, avoiding contact other riders.


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