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It’s not all that often that I review supplements because in large part it’s not all that often that I use them. Most of my rides consist of water and a banana as the only thing I’m armed with against bonking. To a certain extent that’s because I’m not exactly a fan of what is sometimes referred to as “space food”. Not long ago Naked Nutrition reached out to see if we had any interest in reviewing their products. I’m not big on protein shakes or recovery drinks – call me weird, but a swig of pickle juice is my post ride ambrosia – but I do occasionally add in hydration mix to my water on longer rides where I need a little boost. Naked Nutrition’s Nakedade derives its sugar and carbohydrates from sugar beats, as opposed to being something concocted in a lab, so I said “sure why not”? Here’s how it’s been working out…


  • $23.99 USD
  • 16 servings
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No additives
  • Main Ingredient: Palatinose™ (isomaltulose) – “a low-glycemic smart carb derived from sugar beets”
  • Lemon lime (tested), Fruit Punch, Blueberry Lemonade


An order comes with 16 individually packaged servings, which you mix with water.

No artificial colors and no lumping. I found that the powder is highly soluble and mixes easily with water. It has avoided getting lumpy and was never hard to break down.

Naked Nutrition recommends mixing a single packet with 8-16 ounces of water. Personally I found that ratio to be a little bit on the sweet tasting side – fortunately I typically carry a single either a 21 or 26 ounce water bottle on most of my rides and that ratio worked nicely for me. As far as the flavor is concerned, I found it to be very pleasant and best of all didn’t have an “artificial” taste to it. On longer rides, particularly on hotter days – it’s been averaging in the 90º’s Fahrenheit here for the last few weeks – Nakedade has given me the additional energy I’ve needed and helped me stave off cramping on big days in the saddle. As you can see in the chart below, a packet contains 60 calories and, beyond naturally derived sugar and carbs, the only other main components are sodium and potassium – which help keep you hydrated and stave off the cramps respectively. All in all, if you prefer a mix that’s very simple, digestible and has a great natural taste, Nakedade is a great option.


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