[Video] Atherton Diaries Ep 11: Savage Val di Sole WC#7

Introducing Benji the kitten, a serious gelato habit and racing the “War Zone” that is the Black Snake, Val di Sole. One of the biggest things that Muddy will remember from his first season with us is getting, well, Muddy! And wet, and cold, and stuck in bogs. This week’s moto ride doesn’t disappoint!


Luckily next stop is Val di Sole, the valley of the sun! The team have been in Italy precisely 6 minutes when they give Team Director Dan Brown the slip and head for the Gelateria, there’s time for a quick dip in Lake Garda before its on with the journey and the serious business of racing the final round of the World Cup Series.

The three elites love Val di Sole and Kade is buzzing to get out there and get lose but with Rach and Gee still struggling to overcome dislocations and Muddy laid low with food poisoning it’s a big ask – but with these four riders there are no half measures and it’s straight in to a track that’s super gnarly – rocks, roots, berms – in Rach’s own words “Shit everywhere!”Enjoy the ride!

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