[Video] Terrifying MTB Trail Ride With Aaron Chase and a GPS-Tracking Drone



The era of selfie action videos is here, and, “Today we’re going to ride the White Line trail,” says point-of-view video ace Aaron Chase, as he empties his backpack at the top of the mountain. “But we’re going to use some serious equipment you can put in your own Camelbak — gimbals, chest mounts and a drone that follows a GPS tracker on your arm.”

In his latest recording, Chase navigates the treachery of one of the most visually daunting trails in the world — White Line in Sedona, Arizona — and records it all, by himself. Using a minimalistic kit of digital equipment, Chase is able to carry all his camera gear — three GoPros and a foldable drone — in his hydration pack, which adds just over six pounds of weight, making it possible to take and record pretty much any ride, anywhere.

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