WTB Presents the new Ranger 2.4

[Press Release] – WTB is growing the Ranger tread family to include an all-new 2.4 width designed for trail riding. The new width bridges a gap between the XC efficiency of the Ranger 2.25 and the plus-size volume of the Ranger 2.8/3.0.


Usage: XC • Trail
Conditions: Dry • Damp • Wet • Hardpack

Ranger is designed to be a set-it-and-forget-it tire. Tightly spaced center knobs set the pace while open outer lugs devour corners and shed muck with ease. Ranger outperforms in all conditions, without compromising along the way.

All-conditions. Prefers wet.

This isn’t another one of those do-nothing tires claiming to perfect your trail experience. Truly capable and dynamic in nature, the Ranger has taken the widest range of
terrain and conditions into account, resulting in a tire that rolls fast, hooks up in varied terrain, willingly sheds mud and outdoes itself in both wet and dry. Tires often fill a
certain role between others in a lineup. We designed the Ranger tread pattern to utilize all the features required for different conditions and distilled it down to a design that
compliments your XC or trail bike year-round.

Optimized for Wide Rims

Wide rims have become the norm. We designed the all-new Ranger 2.4 tire with a Wide Profile casing designed around i29 rims in order to optimize the benefits of increased
tire volume, lower tire pressure and a larger contact patch between the tire and trail. Designing our Wide Profile tires around wide rims allows us to create a more supportive
tire while also bolstering sidewall protection through ample tread overhang. Ranger 2.25 is designed around i25 rims to minimize weight on XC race bikes.

Tritec Compound

A firm base provides support beneath the entire tread. Medium-stiffness center knobs provide traction and durability without sacrificing rolling efficiency. Soft compound side knobs deliver maximum grip for increased cornering traction.

  • Ranger 2.4 29″ TCS Tough / Fast Rolling
  • Ranger 2.4 29″ TCS Light / High Grip
  • Ranger 2.4 29″ TCS Light / Fast Rolling

Slash Guard

Slash Guard employs a protective nylon insert to provide an intermediate level of protection for those wanting extra sidewall protection without the weight of the bead-to-bead dual ply casing utilized in our TCS Tough tires.

  • Ranger 2.4 29″ TCS Light / High Grip
  • Ranger 2.4 29″ TCS Light / Fast Rolling



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