Zum Zum: a children’s bike with 150mm of travel


Zum Zum is a young Latvian company that is launching a bike for children aged from 18 months.

The ZumZum is a new balance bike concept, created for kids as young as 18 months. A balance bike with a unique, natural suspension system, so that youngsters can comfortably and safely learn to ride a bike in any environment.


The bike itself uses a patented suspension frame and design, made from extremely durable Latvian birch, meaning that it is, strong, flexible and eco-friendly. This patented suspension system guarantees that in a case of uneven surfaces or any ‘bumps’, the shock is absorbed and allows for a smooth ride. This system offers 150mm of natural suspension travel, meaning that the bike can be used by young children on various surfaces with confidence.


We all know that kids love to leave everything, everywhere, so we’ve made sure each bike has been treated with a waterproof laminate, so there are no issues using it during the fall/winter months. Don’t be afraid to spray it down though and bring it inside, with the tyres being non-marking, so that when they inevitably learn ‘skids’, your new carpet is safe!


While ZumZum is made from renewable materials, such as the Latvian birch frame, it has an NFC chip built in to the Handlebar/cockpit. This little chip contains all the information about your bike, including your ownership details and guarantee information. These chips can be read using smartphones, meaning that it is always clear whose bike it is and can always be returned if left at the local park for example. When the bike is sold to someone else, simply change the information within the smartphone app.


Steve Peat has been a figure head of cycling for many years throughout his long and decorated career, inspiring many young people to take up two wheel activities. He is renowned for his ability to coach and mentor young riders, such as current World Cup Downhill champion ‘Josh Bryceland’, so it was a natural progression for him to get involved with even the youngest rippers out there, helping to create the ZumZum.


Zum Zum is a Latvian based company, looking to launch the brand/raise funds initially through a Kickstarter campaign co-founded by none other than Peaty himself.


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