Barel lascia Mondraker. Correrà in enduro per Canyon?

È di oggi il comunicato di Mondraker sull’addio di Fabien Barel alla casa spagnola. Voci di mercato lo danno in direzione Koblenz, Germania, dove Canyon starebbe preparando un superteam in vista del campionato del mondo di enduro, con Joe Barnes, Ines Thoma e Marco Bühler e il Teammanager Tibor Simai. Correranno sulla Strive, come si può leggere sul sito Canyon.


Il comunicato ufficiale:

“Many great things will not last forever”

After 5 great years of strong collaboration, Mondraker and Fabien Barel are going separate ways. This relationship has been based on an excellent exchange at many levels. From Race team organisation, to marketing strategy passing by R&D choices, Mondraker and Fabien Barel have built a synergetic partnership during last years. Due to different priorities and to be able to both give 100% to their 2013 goals, they will be heading in different way.

Miguel Pina, Mondraker Manager says: “Fabien has been our international ambassador during our most successful years, and he was the man not only for marketing or business reasons, but because of his strong human values. Fabien is a unique person into the bike scene, nobody is as professional, enthusiast and committed in his goals. He is the perfect combination between a top athlete and a technical engineer that drive him in the same direction of our company and the overall Mondraker Family. And even more, beyond all his skills, he has the ability to manage all issues like a real gentleman. We wish him the best from today, and one more time… merci monsieur.”

Fabien Barel’s says: “Working with Mondraker has been a unique experience. The freedom they provided to me in R&D while racing was a great opportunity to perform and the confidence they had in my feedback gave me tons of motivation to give my best to the Mondraker brand. The forward geometry is a great proof point of it. Above the professional aspect, there was no better feeling than being proud of representing a brand when you race or when you ride. I am proud of the product and also proud of people’s passion that i represented. The Mondraker Crew is an unusual group of people that is very complementary on many aspects. it has been outstanding for me to get to know them, a chance for me to work with them and I sincerely would like to thank this core group that has welcomed me as a full part of the Mondraker family.”

Many good things come to an end, we can surely say that it was a very successfull relationship. Although the brand and Fab are going separates ways, they will remain tight emotionally for a long time.

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