Continental Rolls Out All New Gravity Tire Lineup

[Press Release] – Mountain bikers of all levels will be able to push their performance to new limits from today, as Continental announces its all-new Gravity Range of MTB tires. With a wide-ranging portfolio engineered from the ground up to meet the demands of every rider, the range is designed to instil maximum confidence on every type of trail.


Three years of development by Continental’s category-leading R&D team has led to the creation of five unique tread patterns designed to suit dry hardpack, loose terrain, mud, and everything in between. To complement these five new tread patterns, Continental has developed three casing and three compound options across four sizes to offer riders a bespoke, no-compromise set-up tailored to their riding style.

As part of the rigorous development process, each tire was tested and refined in punishing conditions by leading professional DH, Enduro and Trail riders across the world including the Continental Atherton, Continental Nukeproof, Pinkbike Racing and Pivot Factory Racing teams. All prototype test riders provided unique rider-focused, real-world feedback to fine-tune the finished products to meet the needs of professionals, committed amateurs and new riders alike.

Xynotal – for hardpack and dry conditions

Optimised for the most demanding dry and / or rocky trails, Xynotal’s tread pattern features angled in-line shoulder studs for predictable cornering. Combining a pronounced positive profile with a large number of contact areas, it maximises grip on both hard and slightly loose surfaces when moisture is not a factor. Pronounced ramps in the direction of rotation ensure low rolling resistance without compromising traction under load.

Argotal – for loose terrain

Supported in-line shoulder studs and a highly supportive structure result in Argotal offering maximum mechanical grip and cornering stability on loose dirt. The open tread pattern design and pronounced studs with steep ramps generate the best possible interaction with a loose surface whilst supporting self-cleaning, to inspire confidence at every stage of the trail.

Hydrotal – for wet and muddy conditions

Tapered and supported stud elements paired with an open tread pattern design supports maximum grip on wet and muddy terrain. With a self-cleaning capability critical to riding in the sloppiest conditions, in-line shoulder studs and an optimised support structure ensure grip when cornering aggressively in low grip situations.


For mixed terrain Available in distinct front and rear optimised versions, Kryptotal’s tread pattern features a balance of positive profile and open areas designed for the best performance in complex terrains or trails that feature multiple surfaces. The use of steep and shallow ramps offer riders a sweet spot of grip, self-cleaning and low rolling resistance. Whilst the tread pattern for Kryptotal Fr is optimised for front-end grip and cornering stability, Kryptotal Re is optimised for the rear wheel demands of braking and rear-end stability.

Casing & Compound options for every rider

Continental has engineered three different tubeless-ready casing options: Trail Casing, Enduro Casing and Downhill Casing – with each offering a varying balance of performance characteristics between rolling resistance, weight and durability. Whilst the Trail Casing features three layers of carcass material under the tread – ideal for trail bikes and trail centre usage – the Enduro Casing takes robustness up a notch with the addition of an apex under the carcass for increased durability and protection against snakebite punctures. The DH and freeride-optimised Downhill Casing provides maximum durability for the most extreme riding, with six layers of carcass material, additional carcass reinforcement and a protective apex.

Three specialised rubber compounds are also available: Endurance Compound, Soft Compound and SuperSoft Compound. Whilst Endurance Compound is designed for maximum longevity for trail bike use, Soft Compound offers an ideal balance of grip and rolling resistance for descent orientated Enduro rider. Finally, SuperSoft Compound offers maximum grip at the highest speeds on the most extreme downhill trails, particularly for the rear tire.

Engineered in Germany, harnessing 150 years of Continental’s scientific tire development technology and encompassing its ‘Gripology’ philosophy for MTB, the Gravity Range has already been proven at top international racing level by the brand’s increasingly diverse mix of sponsored pro teams. Continental Atherton Racing, Pivot Factory Racing, Pinkbike Racing, Continental Nukeproof and Team 31 will all be using the range and supporting the development of new products throughout the 2022 season.

Commenting on the launch of the Gravity Range, Oliver Anhuth, Head of Marketing TwoWheel Tires, Continental said: “We knew that we had to place the needs of the rider at the centre of the Gravity Range, and that those needs vary wildly depending on the conditions. Our focus was to enable our customers to select a tire package specifically optimised for their type of riding without compromising on any aspect of performance. Compound and Tread is important, but we knew that adding the right Casing would give the best riding experience. By putting our leading R&D engineers together with elite teams, top racers, and prototype testers around the world to develop the range in every environment, we now have the most complete range of gravity tires on the market. This means that everyone from amateur trail riders to the world’s top downhill racers can truly push their limits.”

The range is available from 7 April 2022. Pricing starts at 59,95 EUR RRP, subject to model and variant.



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