BC Bike Race & Zwift – ‘Race to Win’ w/Geoff Kabush

The ‘RIDE TO WIN’ Contest

BC Bike Race and Zwift in cooperation with Geoff Kabush and Stages Cycling announce the launch of an online Contest: The “Ride to Win” Series.


This contest will be hosted by the two-time winner of BC Bike Race and all around MTB Legend Geoff Kabush. All contest participants will unlock the new official 2020 BC Bike Race Jersey within the virtual world of Zwift and be entered to win the Grand Prize, plus other Stages equipment.

“BC Bike Race is a ‘bucket list’ event for mountain bikers around the world and by joining up with Zwift, the world’s largest multiplayer online training and racing platform we have two amazing worlds coming together!” Andreas Hestler, BCBR Marketing Director and Co-Founder


The grand prize for the “Ride to Win” Series will be a fully paid trip to the BC Bike Race 2021 (flights included) plus a Stages Power meter crankset and Dash Head unit for one lucky Zwifter.

If you manage to win the trip to BCBR, Geoff will even give you all of his top-secret race tips in person at the event. In addition to the grand prize, Stages Cycling is also offering up an additional two Stages MTB cranksets as “runner up” prizes.


The “Ride to Win” Series will consist of six (6) in-game events scheduled to take place between May 15- 17, 2020 (each event will be approx. 1hr/16miles or 25km)

Friday May 15: 12pm PT and 5pm PT

Saturday May 16: 7am PT and 1pm PT

Sunday May 17: 9am PT and 3pm PT

Geoff will join all six events and will be on hand to answer any questions, Q&A style (so come prepared with all your MTB questions about BCBR, bikes, trail riding, etc.)

Riders can choose to ride this event staying close to Geoff at social pace, or in true racer fashion, you can smash it from the start—the winner here will be drawn at random so ride however you wish.

LINK TO CONTEST: https://zwift.com/events/series/bcbr-ride-to-win-with-geoff-kabush/

The contest supports Zwifts movement into the mountain bike world and their creation of both virtual tracks and training programs specific to MTB. Historically, Zwift may have been perceived to be a ‘roadie brand’. Recently though, Zwift has expanded on their commitment to off-road cyclists with a recent game expansion containing a selection of new training plans as well as in-game equipment.

“I’m delighted to be launching this new partnership with BC Bike Race. I look forward to welcoming in many of the participants signed up for the 2020 event into our online community, and wish them the very best in their preparations.” Eric Min, Zwift CEO and Co-Founder.

The 2020 BC BIKE RACE Virtual Jersey

All participants who finish will unlock a freshly designed and recently released New 2020 BC Bike Race jersey and more importantly show the Zwift world their passion for roots, rocks, burms, dirt and mud!


Geoff Kabush’s connection with Stages adds more value to the riders of BC Bike Race and Zwift and helps establish a connection with MTB power meters. This connection can enhance their training and racing outside based on training inside with Zwift, the perfect one two punch for cycling success.



Looking for a training program that can assist with your goals of Singletrack success, focus your training and get ready for the 2020 BC Bike Race Sept 27 – Oct 3.

How does one best prepare for seven days of racing across British Columbia’s challenging terrain? The unique demands of singletrack riding often require specific preparation and training. So to really sharpen your fitness and crush the BC Bike Race, join Zwift’s Singletrack Slayer training plan.

A major aspect of singletrack riding is being able to produce power outside your usual comfortable cadence. With rolling hills and sharp corners, riders need to be able to quickly shift from one extreme to another. It’s not always easy. But with proper training, you’ll be well prepared for any trails ahead.

Singletrack Slayer asks for one hour of training per day for a full week, over a ten weeks training block, sounds easy right?

ZWIFT SINGLETRACK SLAYER PLAN: https://zwift.com/news/21748-bc-bike-race-singletrack-slayer-training-plan/

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