Berd’s New Proprietary Talon Hubs

Berd have announced a new hubset that’s designed specifically for their fabric spokes. From a design standpoint, what stands out most is the way the hub flanges take a unique approach with how they interface with the spoke ends.


The idea behind the flange design is that it will make for much speedier lacing with the spoke ends being shaped in a loop and hooking through the open sections in the flange, rather than threading through closed holes, which is slower and more tedious.


  • Boost spacing
  • Centerlock rotor interface
  • 28 hole front and rear
  • 36T ratchet mechanism
  • XD, Microspline and HG drivers available
  • Front hub weight: 156 grams
  • Rear hub weight: 306 grams to 316 grams
  • $495 USD


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