[Bike Check] Alutech Sennes 2017: Production 29″ DH Bike?

[Bike Check] Alutech Sennes 2017: Production 29″ DH Bike?

Ian Collins, 30/11/2016


The fact that the Germans like to fiddle around in the workshop is not a secret. In winter, with the short days of northern Germany Alutech have had a lot of time to think and try out new projects. Here is the Sennes, their aluminum DH bike with 29 inch wheels.


Here are some numbers for the size M: 14,60 Kg weight, Head angle of 62 °, Reach 458 mm,  356 mm bottom bracket height, 1269mm wheelbase, 445mm chainstays.



We don’t have any word yet on when it will go into production; stay tuned…

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 12.59.19