Dainese introduces their new Enduro Knee Guard

Dainese just announced a mid to heavy duty “Enduro” knee guard. The pads have a pre-articulated shape to help keep the pedaling comfortable, and they still use the plastic, “Pro-Armor” plating on the front. At the back there are mesh panels to help with breathability. Read on for the full press release from Dainese. In the mean time, we’ll be reaching out to them for a long term review…

Their Most Advanced Knee Pad Builds on 24 years MTB Research and Development


Years of research into racing and high performance materials were necessary to develop the most advanced Dainese knee pad of all time. The Enduro Knee Guards feature a complex hybrid construction that mixes together the extra mobility and breathability of the nature-inspired Pro-Armor padding with the high durability and impact resistance of ABS technology.

The engineered construction covers specific areas of the knee bones like the kneecap and the shinbone, while the extended Pro-Armor construction provides great coverage to cartilage during sliding falls. Extra protection is offered by the three Crash Absorb pads on the inner section to lessen bumps with the frame and other possible injuries. The Enduro Knee Guard is developed around the shape of the knee to provide the rider with extreme freedom of movement while pedaling and maximum comfort even after miles of aggressive riding.


The hybrid construction extends all over the knee bones, replicating body biomechanics while maintaining mobility and coverage during stretching, compression, twisting and flexion. The front ABS plates provide the rider with high impact resistance and ensure sliding during falls while the Pro-Armor and the Crash Absorb side padding bolsters ensure great coverage on delicate side parts of the knee.


The pre-curved hybrid construction of the Enduro Knee Guards allows the rider to have unrestricted motion during climbing and descending, with enough flex to aid re-mounting without the pad shifting. The elastic bands were completely redesigned to perfectly follow  the leg shape, while the elastic calf gripper allows the pad to stay firm during the ride.

Lightness and Breathability

The fractal-inspired structure balances density of padding with ventilation, which not only results in a high level of protection, but also offers unmatched degree of breathability and ventilation compared to other certified protectors on the market. The new Airnet sleeve features jersey hole mesh on the back of the knee, ensuring the rider feels fresh and comfortable even during hard efforts.


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