Darkfest Set for April 2022

Stellenbosch, SA –09 March 2022 – Darkfest 2022 is officially called on 11th-17th April 2022. Dust off your goggles and load up the big bike, it’s about to get sendy. The world renowned DarkFest is about to be uncovered and get all the tweaks and changes needed to take Freeride MTB to new heights. After a highly successful but “Covid-bubbled” 2021 edition, Sam and the DarkFest crew are really excited to get back to full power and the original vibes that have made DarkFest what it is to the global MTB community. With more riders and more stoke than ever before, DarkFest 2022 is a go!


Confirmed athletes:

Sam Reynolds
Clemens Kaudela
Sam Hodgson
Kade Edwards
Kaos Seagrave
Ike Klaassen
Theo Erlangsen
Bienvenido Aguado
Nicholi Rogatkin
Szymon Godziek
Brendan Fairclough
Daniel Ruso
Elias Ruso
Tom Isted
Adolf Silva
Vincent Tupin
Ethan Nell
Matt McDuff
Graham Agassiz

Vero Sandler
Casey Brown
Hannah Bergman
Chelsea Kendall
Robin Goomes


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