[Video] Darkfest Kicks off in South Africa

At the Darkfest in South Africa the restoration work on the jump lines is complete and the riders begin to test the results of the latest refinements, ready to put on a show until May 27th.

YouTube video


Below are the riders who will take part in the event:

Sam Reynolds (UK)
Clemens Kaudela (AT)
Ike Klaassen (SA)
Theo Erlangsen (SA)
Adolf Silva (ES)
Bienvenido Aguado (ES)
Sergio Layos (ES)
Kade Edwards (UK)
Kaos Seagrave (UK)
Sam Hodgson (UK)
William Robert (FR)
Vincent Tupin (FR)
Tom Isted (UK)
Szymon Godziek (PL)
Louis Reboul (FR)

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