[Video] DH WC#1 Lošinj: Macdonald & Atherton First in Qualifying


The 2018 season of UCI DH World Cup comes alive with the qualifying round of Lošinj round 1 in Croatia. An interesting track to say the least – in fact, the shortest in the history of the World Cup with 1.390m of track and unusual features, the terrain is very bumpy and full of sharp stones. In many places the track is also bordered by dry stone walls that increase the difficulty, but above all the dangerousness of the race.


The fastest time in qualifying is Brook Macdonald who seems to have benefited from his return to the MS Mondraker team. Second place went to Lucas Dean riding the Intense M29 just 1.169 seconds back compared to the best time of the day. Third place went to the winner of the 2017 season, Aaron Gwin, just over 2 seconds behind Macdonald. Troy Brosnan finished in fourth place while fifth position sees another important return to the top ranks –  Sam Blenkinsop. Loic Bruni’s status is a bit up in the air. If his elbow is improved and allows him to race, he’ll be lining up.

Rachel Atherton scored the fastest time in qualifying for women, leading the standings 1.49 seconds ahead of Tracey Hannah, while the winner of the UCI DH World Cup 2017 season – Myriam Nicole, took third place position at 1.805 back from the best time.

In the men’s Junior category, you can see the return on investments in young talent made by the scouts of the factory teams. In first place was British rider Kade Edwards of Trek Factory Racing. In second place with a ridiculous gap of 89 thousandths and with 3 of the fastest splits was Thibaut Daprela from Commençal. In third position, Kye A’Hern of Canyon Factory Racing.

Complete Qualifying Results Lošinj – Elite Men
Complete Qualifying Results Lošinj – Elite Women
Complete Qualifying Results Lošinj – Junior Men
Complete Qualifying Results Lošinj – Junior Women

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