Discovering the Formula Thirty-Five Fork

[ad3] Forumula just released all of the details on their new 35 enduro fork.  While their latest offering is not only super adjustable, it also has a fair bit of really cool and exclusive technology.  Perhaps the raddest feature is the floating piston.  More details below.

The latest Enduro offering from Forumula, the 35. Available from 100-180mm travel. Details below.




Internal Floating Technology
Internal Floating Technology

The Formula 35 benefits from our IFT (Internal Floating Technology). The IFT allows the damping cartridge to be structurally merged with the fork from crown to lowers. This creates a cartridge that can remain active with extreme lateral stress commonly placed on all suspension forks while riding on the roughest terrain. This, more than stanchion coatings, decreases the overall friction of the fork allowing for more travel usage and greater tuning for better trail control. With the IFT, the fork can maintain small bump compliance while being progressive enough for any enduro racing set up.

Compression Tuning System

The overall fork compression damping profile can be adjusted based on the rider’s needs by changing the CTS (Compression Tuning System). This set of three valve heads change the compression rate from soft (grey), medium (blue), and firm (red). Located under the low speed compression knob, the valve heads are easily switched with a simple tool without losing fluid or needing to bleed the cartridge.


Remote Cartridge Control

The high speed compression is managed by our wide range lockout lever, located on top of the cartridge. Our RCC (Remote Cartridge Control) is a handlebar mounted 13 position lever created put control in the hands of the rider. Becoming a part of the cartridge, the RCC adjusts the high speed damping from fully open to completely locked out. Its innovative design eliminates cables and hydraulic fluid; instead the hose rotates with the movement of the lever changing the compression damping.

Integrated Locking System

Connecting wheel to fork, we have the ILS (Integrated Locking System) 15mm thru axle, designed to take the guess work out of wheel attachment. Once tightened, the ILS lever is designed to be removed and reinserted at any position for perfect alignment with the fork lowers. The ILS lever may also be removed and left behind during a ride for further weight savings on an already light weight fork.

29″ Specs

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.14.50 AM

27.5″ Specs

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.14.36 AM


Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 11.24.05 AM


September 2016

35_action_5 35_action_7 35_action_2

fork_35_detail_archetto fork_35_detail_air fork_35_detail_regolazioni fork_35_detail_rebound fork_35_detail_crown

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