Enve Adds Lifetime Warranty, Adds I9 Options at $2,100

[Press Release] – With the introduction of I9’s 101 hub, pricing for ENVE M Series mountain bike wheels will now start at US $2100. The 101 hub is offered for M525, M630, 635, 640 and M730 and 735 build options with boost 15×110 / 12/148 spacing.


The 101 hubs are machined, anodized and assembled in the U.S. at Industry Nine’s Asheville, N.C. HQ. The hub features 90 points of engagement (with 4° between engagements), and 6 pawls arranged in a dual phase setup (3+3).

101 hub are machined, anodized, and assembled in Industry
Nine’s Asheville, NC headquarters and manufacturing facility. Our ability to
source hubs from another US brand streamlines our supply chain and
eliminates costly import duties, ensuring more performance for the dollar to you.
High engagement hubs in an innovative package
The all new I9 101 hub features leading engagement and durability without compromising quality and long term reliability.


  • 90 Points of Engagement with 4 Degrees of Engagement
  • 6 Pawl, Dual Phase 2-YearManufacturer Warranty
  • 101 hubs are covered under Industry Nine’s Alloy Product Warranty
  • Hole Counts: 24, 28, and 32 Hole
  • Axle Spacing: 15 x 110 and 12 x 148 Only
  • Freehub Options: HG, Micro Spline, XD1
  • Brake Rotor Compatibility: ISO 6 Bolt or Center Lock
  • Color: Black Only


Configuration/Compatibility Notes

  • I9 101 Available in Boost 15×110/12×148 ONLY!
  • M525: 24 Hole, Center Lock Only
  • M630, 635, 640: 28 Hole, Center Lock Only
  • M730, M735: 32 Hole, 6 Bolt Only
  • There are no Super Boost or DH axle configurations from I9 in 101 at this time
  • Micro Spline is available for all configurations


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