[Eurobike] Eightpins’ wild integrated single tube dropper


Partnering with Syntace and Liteville (and hopefully some more frame manufacturers as well) Austrian brand Eightpins just launched a dropper post that takes a completely different approach.  If the patent is open and other frame manufacturers follow suit it should be quite the advancement; once you see just how it works, you’ll see why…  Rather than having a standard cartridge or brake within a telescoping set of tubes,  Eightpins essentially utilize the bike’s seat tube as one of those tubes, and anchor the post with a proprietary seat clamp.IMG_8645


The seatpost itself raises and lowers within the seat tube with main seal/bushing being housed around the actual seatpost clamp.  This makes for a much larger actual seatpost, thus it should be dramatically stiffer.

The Eightpins post gets its name from its “mechanical interlocking pin system”.  The seatpost is completely void of hydraulics altogether.


There are varying travel lengths meant to match up with their corresponding frames.  150mm travel mates with a small bike, 180mm travel for medium, 200mm for large and a whopping 220mm for XL.

The catch is the anchor, you can see the cutaway below.  This is where the cartridge is fixed to the frame.


The fairly discreet, tidy lever is cable actuated…this also means you could probably use 3rd party 1X style paddle levers for the post as well.


Last but not least, a low profile 2-bolt head.  Simple and clean.


More info : eightpins.at

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