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Hillbilly Huckfest went down again as one of the craziest and funnest Freeride MTB events ever. The essence is pure. It s all about riding big and flowy jumps with a bunch of friends, sick riders and with an unique crowd that is on fire all the time.
Makken is hosting the event for the third time in a row, Aasmund Thorsen is the main man behind the machines, doing a great job shaping up the course and the Huckfest crew is always doing a great job with hosting all the riders and organising the whole event, which is made up by concerts, parties, and trail rides.
The FEST riders have been riding, shooting videos and photos all week long. The conditions weren’t ideal because it was more wind and rain than the past years, but there were big sessions going down everyday, especially because there is light until 11pm.
The main session went down Saturday at 5pm, where fortunately the wind stopped and the session went crazy.



Best Trick and Best line: Andreu Lacondeguy winning best trick with a flatspin on the first dirt to dirt left side hip
Best Style: Nico Vink
Best whip: Nick Pescetto on the first dirt to dirt left side hip
Best crash: Jeff Herb, overotating a frontflip on the big ramp jump

This is what the riders have to say about the events:

we stepped up the course this year and it made it all flow allot better!
im stoked to see were it is going and the changes it makes on the way.
the whole huckfest crew put in allot of effort this year and this would not go down so
legit with out them, i am grateful!
i hope the boys had fun and are stoked to come back for next year.
keep it rolling 26/7

Nico Vink:
Its the third year I came out to Norway for Huckfest, The vibe is super relaxed and the line flows.
I always have a good time on and of the bike when I’m there. Big thanks to the Huckfest crew and Makken for making this happen.

Nick Pescetto:
When i think of the perfect set up and the perfect session i think of Huckfest. The line flows really good and it s all about whips and tricks. The whole setup is perfect, third time I’m coming here and I’m stoked everytime!

Trond Hansen:
Huckfest is always a blast. The jumps are sizable and sessionable, and the vibe is perfect for a FEST event. The Hillbilly crowd, concerts and parties at the farm sets the perfect surrounding for all time sessions every year, and I can’t wait to go back in 12 months.

Kyle Jameson:
Huckfest 2015 had it all! Makken set us up with a cabin in Hafjell for four days before the actual Huckfest started, we had free park passes and food taken care of so all we had to do was shred the bike park until we couldn’t hold on to the bar anymore! Then we road tripped over to Ål for the Week of Huckfest, Asmund and the Farm boys had been working so hard on revamping the course and the party barn so that once we got there we could ride and party all we wanted. We had some wind issues when it came time to shred but we powered through and got sick photos and footage with Blur Media and our GoPros. All in All best vibes!

We are out at LOOSEFEST in Belgium right now and things are going wild already

Stay tuned..













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Photos : Mayhem Media


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