[First Look] Endura MT-500 Burner Clipless Shoes

Atherton endorsed, bad weather proven, Scottish brand Endura just dove head long into the shoe game with a casual flat pedal shoe, a more technical one and a clipless shoe. I was fortunate enough to receive a pair of the clipless shoes just before the news went live. While the weather has been far too crappy to get a first ride in, I did have a few minutes to snap some of my own pics to accompany the news. Read on for the full scoop…


  • US size 6-13 (size 11 tested)
  • Polyurethane upper
  • Nylon shank
  • EVA midsole
  • “Stickyfoot” outsole
  • Broadly adjustable cleat pocket
  • $159.99 USD


The Burner is available in four colorways. A black/grey combo, a red/dark red offering, a hunter green pair and the colors pictured above.

The shoes feature an asymmetrical cuff for additional padding and protection against the crankarm.

The cleat pocket features a huge range of adjustment and is also numbered with detents.

Securing the standard flat lacing is a singular velcro tab.

The outsole is designed to be grabbier and more aggressive toward the toe and heel areas for off bike traction, but smoother in the center to help bit into pedal pins.

Endura worked with an ergonomics expert to help design the MT-500. What they came up with is “ergonomistry”. In short, the insoles are rigid where it counts and soft where you need padding. The shape, support and comfort is quite good from my first walks around.

A closer look at the footbed – loads of support and breathability. Note the metatarsal button and raised dots which help stimulate blood flow.

Added material in high wear sections…

And lastly, a smooth and heavily padded ankle/heel area for loads of comfort.

My first impressions from trying these on are that they are a very solid freshman effort. True to size, stiff and very comfortable. Time will tell in the long run. I’ll follow up with a long term review in a few months…


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