[First Look] Swiftwick Vision

We recently attended the inaugural CrankTank Impact media summit in Sun Valley Idaho. Swiftwick was in attendance, and got us sorted with some of their newest sock models. We’re a huge fan that Swiftwick socks are sustainable. Their durability reduces the need for consumption; they’re 100% made in the USA, reducing transportation resources; their merino is sourced from the U.S. and olefin requires less energy to produce than most synthetics; Swiftwick recycles scrap materials into secondary products like blankets for those in need.


  • Durable nylon heel and toe
  • Seamless toe eliminates irritation
  • Percentage of sales donated to charitable initiatives
  • 80% Nylon / 13% Olefin / 7% Spandex
  • Retail is $21.99 USD


Swiftwick employs their high-performance, lightweight Olefin fiber that wicks moisture and dries quickly. It is abrasion resistant, strong and colorfast. The Y-Heel Contour means the heel has a Y-shape stitch, that creates a contoured heel pocket that moves with the foot. A Seamless Toe is a virtually invisible seam that eliminates friction in the toebox.

The Vision has a Contoured Compression fit.  Swiftwick’s  goal is a perfect fit every time, so you can perform at your best, regardless of your chosen activity. All of their socks are designed to support the contours of your foot, which means no voids, bunching or blisters.

On the Trail

We rode in the Vision socks throughout our time in Sun Valley, and on our trails at home as well. The Swiftwick Olefin fiber is a noticeable upgrade from the standard freebie riding socks we’re used to. The compression fit is quite welcome, as our foot was more comfortable in our shoes, with no bunching up, or hot spots. The height of the socks were ideal for our liking, and seemed to grip the lower leg and not slide down.


We may have been a bit skeptical that a pair of Swiftwick socks can be that much better then the typical cycling socks, but that being said, we’re throughly impressed with the Swiftwick comfort, and durability. For pretty much the same price as other options, we see it as an easy decision to try out a pair of Swiftwick’s, specifically the Vision.

More info at: Swiftwick

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