[First Look] WTB’s E-Bike Specific HTZ i30 Wheelset

Today WTB has announced an all new wheelset specifically aimed at the unique demands brought about by the additional weight and forces applied by e-bikes. Dubbed the HTZ i30, the wheelset is reinforced  at the rims, hubs and spokes in a handful of interesting ways.


Recently, WTB sent us a sample set for long term testing, so expect a comprehensive review in the coming months, but for now here is the quick and dirty on some of their more interesting points…


  • 29″ and Mullet configurations
  • 30mm inner diamter rim
  • 2.3/2.0 spokes
  • XD, HG and MicroSpline drivers available
  • 42 points of contact (8.5Âș engagement)
  • Heat treated steel freehub body
  • 6-bolt rotor interface
  • Pricing: Front – $329.95 / Rear – $439.95 / Set – $769.90 USD
  • 2701 grams – our scale, 29″ front and rear with tape and valves

The new rims on the HTZ wheelsets feature a 6069 Aluminum rim that is 20% thicker then their Enduro rated KOM rims.

The wheels come with tape and valves, ready to go. Also note just how dramatic the offset is…This helps result in a wheel that is more balanced side to side with less dish.

The hubs themselves are BURLY as you can see in the picture above. The steel freehub body adds a great deal of strength, which better manages the added torque and the wear and tear from an e-bikes drive system. Beefed up spokes, a thicker rear axle sleeve and double stacked bearings also help.

One other interesting detail in the hub is its “heat sink” rotor mount. The cooling fins help increase heat dissipation by 10% according to WTB.

All that extra material and strength comes at a cost. Our 29″ wheelset weighs in at 2701 grams with tape and valves. We’ll keep you posted on how they work out over the long run. On first glance they sure do look tough – that’s for certain…


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