Transition Announces Details of the New Relay and Relay PNW

Today Transition is finally letting all the details out on the new Relay – their mid-power e-bike that was teased a few months ago. The bike will be available in a full 29″ version as standard as well as a longer travel mullet version and boasts that it can be ridden with or without the battery. Read on for the full scoop on one of the most exciting bikes we’ve heard about in some time…


  • Full 29″ or mixed wheel options
  • 160mm or 170mm travel
  • Coil and air shock compatible
  • Flip chip lower shock eyelet for adjustable geometry
  • Four bar / Horst link suspension layout
  • Fazua Ride60 drive unit
  • 430 Wh battery
  • 60Nm torque
  • 250Wh continuous power with 450Wh peak power
  • Gear accessory mount under down tube


The standard Relay comes with 29″ front and rear wheels with 160mm travel front and rear.

The more aggressive Relay PNW features a mullet wheel setup and 170mm of travel front and rear. The geometry is a bit more relaxed/and aggressive all the way around, which you can look more closely at further down in the geometry chart…

Perhaps the most unique feature of the Relay is its ability to be ridden without the battery thus dropping a smidge under 5 pounds. According to a contact at Transition, the lack of drag in the system is remarkable. In any case, you remove the battery cover via a tool free downtube protector and simply re-install the protector sans battery, then ride. Sounds like we’re truly inching closer to a one and done bike that bridges both worlds…

The Fazua drive unit features a minimalist, low profile ring controller that works as follows: Pushing it up increases the power level, pushing it down decreases power level, pushing inward will activate walk mode. Holding the controller up for 2 seconds from any assistance mode will activate a boost mode, giving you peak system power output for roughly ten seconds.

The “LED hub” integrated into the top tube features varying colors which indicate which of the three power modes you’re in. It also manages to sneak in a charging port for your devices.

Fazua’s Ride60 App pairs via bluetooth and allows you to fine tune the power output and torque settings in each of the three modes. There is also a “RampUp” tuning option that lets you adjust the system’s responsiveness. For more tech information and a deeper dive, check out the video below…




Relay Alloy NX $6,799 USD / $9,199 CAD
Relay Carbon GX $8,799 USD / $11,899 CAD
Relay Carbon GX AXS $9,999 USD / $13,499 CAD
Relay Carbon XX $12,499 USD / $16,999 CAD

Relay PNW
Relay PNW Alloy GX $7,999 USD / $10,799 CAD
Relay PNW Carbon X0 AXS $10,999 USD / $14,499 CAD


“End of March 2023”

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