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YT Mob Returns – Picks up Jack Moir for Enduro

The YT Mob had been a Downhill and Freeride team until 2021, then shuttered. It returns in 2023 focusing on Enduro, and with a top rider – Jack Moir. However, Freeride is definitely not missing from the crew…Details in the press release below.


Behind the scenes, there has been a shift in focus. A break in the convention. You’ve heard it before… the MOB YT is back. But it is more than a racing team. 2023 marks a new chapter. Their athletes and ambassadors, in all disciplines, will carry the YT MOB flag. From freeride to slopestyle, enduro to downhill, this diverse approach will see YT lead progression across all disciplines, bringing their own blend of Good Times with them.

This new stage of the MOB YT will see them chasing the crown of a new discipline, enduro. The German brand knows no half measures and its new enduro team is no exception. For 2023 and beyond, they’ve set out to do damage with three big names: Jack Moir, Christian Textor and Kasper Woolley. This team knows how to put together a winning race and will bring their wealth of experience to the track under the banner of YT MOB.

YT Mob

I like what YT has built. They are not like other brands and they remind me of what mountain biking is all about… fun! They have created an enduro program that gives the team all the support they need from every angle. We have even the freedom to choose our components, so that we can use the ones we feel will maximize our potential! “. – Jack Moir

“Coming back to racing at the top level means a lot to me and I can’t wait for the season to start. It’s our chance to prove once again that our bikes are not only made for freeriding, they are also capable of winning the most important competitions.

But what impresses me most is that we have managed to incorporate our UNCAGED philosophy into the YT MOB, allowing our riders to choose unique components of their choice. Our riders get to choose their bike based on performance and are not forced to use components just because of sponsorship, so nothing is stopping them from giving their best. I am very proud that we are the only brand that offers this advantage to its riders ” – Markus Flossman, founder and CVO of YT Industries.

YT Mob

The Mob now consists of all of the following riders, across multiple disciplines:
Jack Moir, Christian Textor, Kasper Woolley, Oisin O’Callaghan, Sian A’Hern, Erik Fedko, Graham Agassiz, Dylan Stark, Ethan Nell, Bienvenido Alba, Dakoda Osusky, Josh Lowe, Brett Tippie, Brooke Anderson, Emma Olfosson, Ace Hayden, Anthony Napolitan, Erik Irmisch, Johann Potgieter, Manuel Lettenbichler, Lennox Zimmerman, Peter Jamison, Brandon Wilson, Will Easey, Luis Blattner, Maxima Jaax, Timo Pries, Cameron Bragg, Julian Voytilla, Kael Foale, Sami Sauri

2023 marks the addition of not only Enduro riders but also Dakoda Osusky and Emma Olfosson who will represent the MOB in freeride.


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