[First Ride] SRAM’s New AXS “Rocker” Paddle


Today SRAM announced a revised and if I’m honest, massively improved paddle for their right hand AXS controller. The new paddle takes on completely different ergonomics – it essentially feels like two separate pieces while still being crafted from a single piece.


The new paddle’s main surface features more of a curved shape and the entire thing etched out to have a nice grabby feel.

Behind the main surface area sits a smaller section, further back. Keep in mind, with AXS you can assign the upshift or downshift duty to whichever section of the paddle you prefer.

In use

To start, since I first jumped on my SRAM AXS drivetrain, which after over a year of use is still running like a dream, I decided to reverse the stock shifter configuration. As standard, the upper portion of the paddle drops down to smaller gears and the lower portion shifts up to larger gears. The AXS app allows you to quickly switch that. Anyhow – the new paddle retails for $20 and arrives with a spare spring and screw. It takes just a minute or two to install. Moving forward, new AXS controllers are available with the Rocker Paddle…

I’ve only been using the new paddle for a couple of weeks now, but I immediately fell in love with it. With the standard paddle I always did struggle a little bit for it to feel intuitive, so to speak. Hmmm…perhaps well over 20 years of standard shifters is to blame. In any case by having the small section of the paddle sitting back a bit and over to the right really made my usage of the Rocker paddle feel like it is truly second nature. I also really like the new feel of the surface itself bring grabby, without feeling abrasive. If you have been struggling to get a more natural feel from your AXS controller, do yourself a favor and just plop down for one of these little suckers – you won’t regret it.


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