[First Ride] The new Scott Spark


Scott has completely revised the Spark, their World Cup level XC race bike. The new bike takes a highly integrated and streamlined approach as it moves away from the classic four bar layout. Interestingly, despite the futuristic looks and swoopy lines, Scott has managed to build out a more affordable Aluminum frame option in addition to the Carbon frame.

Check out all the details and the first ride impressions in the video below. Click on CC for the English subtitles.

YouTube video




If it wasn’t for all of the standard, recognizable parts, you could almost mistake it for a concept bike. Note that two water bottles easily fit inside the main frame.

The rear end of the Spark still relies on a flex stay setup with out any pivot breaks in the rear end.

On first glance, it’s hard to imagine how a linkage and shock fit inside the frame…

The above photo should help de-mystify what’s going on in that little box.

And Scott took a unique approach to the linkage that drives the shock and how it mates to the frame. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Removing the port in the downtube provides access to the rear shock settings as well as removal for service.

Since the shock shaft isn’t visible – unless you remove the cover on the seat tube as shown above – Scott uses hash mark indicators for sag on the frame itself.

Using their TwinLoc dual lockout system, Scotts tend to have a great deal of cables coming out of the front end. The new Spark routes them through the frame by way of the one piece stem/bar combo.

The composite above details the inner works of the cable integration.

As mentioned prior, an Aluminum version is available. Props to Scott for making that worth with such high levels of integration.

And of course, there will also be a line of Contessa Women’s race bikes as well.


Some action from Leogang, photos by Daniel Geiger.




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