Fox Launches E-Live Valve For E-Bikes

[Press Release] – One year after launching Live Valve – the revolutionary electronically controlled mountain bike suspension system – FOX is proud to introduce E-Live Valve, a version of the Live Valve system that integrates seamlessly into e-bikes using the Bosch Performance Line CX system with Kiox display.


Integration with the existing Bosch system allows for Live Valve to draw the very small amount of electrical power needed to operate directly from the e-bike’s main battery, eliminating the need for a separate battery unit. Additionally, Live Valve system settings can be adjusted via the Bosch Kiox display mounted to the handlebars. Adjustments and tuning can also be made via the Live Valve mobile phone app, available for both iPhone and Android operating systems.

Since being introduced only one year ago, Live Valve has achieved historic racing victories in mountain biking and other forms of sport ranging from UCI World Cup Cross-Country, the Downieville Classic All-Mountain World Championship, the SCORE Baja 250 off-road race, and beyond. Leveraging FOX’s 40-plus years of suspension knowhow, Live Valve utilizes ultra-fast reacting electronic sensors to automatically adjust the fork and rear shock independently as the terrain changes. Live Valve’s highly advanced computer algorithm monitors terrain 1000x per-second and makes adjustments over 100x faster than the blink of a human eye, providing maximum efficiency and control. The system knows if the bike is going uphill, downhill, or on flat ground and optimizes the suspension accordingly. It also knows when the bike is being jumped and opens the suspension while in the air for a soft landing. Designed from the ground up by FOX’s Advanced Products Group, Live Valve changes the way riders interact with their suspension.

E-Live Valve will be available as OEM equipment from select e-bike manufacturers starting in Spring 2020.

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