Giro Presents the Montaro & Montara Helmets


Giro Sport Design has announced the Montaro MIPS and women’s Montara MIPS Helmets. The helmets feature excellent ventilation and superior sweat management, with a sleek silhouette that offers more coverage than a traditional XC helmet. Despite this confident, full coverage, Montaro MIPS has impressive cooling power, achieved through the Roc Loc Air fit system and hydrophilic, anti-microbial pads.



Despite this, confident, full coverage, Montaro MIPS has impressive cooling power,achieved through the Roc Loc Air fit system and hydrophilic, antimicrobial pads. Additional features include the Multi-Directional Impact System, full goggle compatibility, and an integrated camera mount. Tested with Giro trail riders like Graham “Aggy” Agassiz and Sarah Leishman, they will be available in October 2015 at Giro Authorized Dealers for €179/£129.


“We know that riders are after two main things in a trail helmet – staying safe and staying cool,” said Giro Marketing Manager Amanda Schaper. “The Montaro MIPS was developed using Giro’s unparalleled in-house testing facilities and benefits from our deep ties with MIPS, while Roc Loc Air and hydrophilic padding combine to keep riders cool and dry, making it a true step forward in trail helmet design.”


Giro_H_Montaro_MatteWhiteLime_Profile_MIPS Giro_H_Montaro_MatteWhiteLime_34_MIPS Giro_H_Montaro_MatteTitaniumFlame_Profile_MIPS Giro_H_Montaro_MatteTitaniumFlame_34_MIPS

Key features of the Giro Montaro/Montara MIPS include:

• Optimized Ventilation: Strategic vent locations and deep interior channels combine with the Roc Loc Air fit system, which suspends the helmet a few millimeters above the rider’s head, allowing an unimpeded flow of cool air.

• Superior Sweat Management: Hydrophilic, anti-microbial pads absorb ten times more sweat than standard urethane pads.

• Full Goggle Integration: Rubber strap grippers on the rear of the helmet and a P.O.V. Plus visor that allows riders to lift visor and rest goggles on the front of the helmet.

• MIPS Technology: MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. There are three main components to a MIPS-equipped helmet: the interior foam liner, the Low Friction Liner and an elastomeric attachment system between them. In an angled impact, the elastomeric attachment system stretches to allow the interior foam liner to rotate independently around the rider’s head and redirect energy. Although the system only moves a few millimeters Giro’s testing shows that helmets equipped with this technology can reduce the amount of rotational force that may be transferred to the brain in certain impacts.

Giro_H_Montaro_MatteLimeMountainDivision_Profile_MIPS Giro_H_Montaro_MatteLimeMountainDivision_34_MIPS Giro_H_Montaro_MatteGlossBlack_Profile_MIPS Giro_H_Montaro_MatteGlossBlack_34_MIPS Giro_H_Montaro_MatteFlameWhiteTitanium_Profile_MIPS Giro_H_Montaro_MatteFlameWhiteTitanium_34_MIPS Giro_H_Montaro_MatteBlackTurquoiseSpeckle_Profile_MIPS Giro_H_Montaro_MatteBlackTurquoiseSpeckle_34_MIPS Giro_H_Montaro_MatteBlackLimeFlame_Profile_MIPS Giro_H_Montaro_MatteBlackLimeFlame_34_MIPS Giro_H_Montara_MatteWhiteGeo_Profile_MIPS Giro_H_Montara_MatteWhiteGeo_34_MIPS Giro_H_Montara_MatteTurquoiseWhite_Profile_MIPS Giro_H_Montara_MatteTurquoiseWhite_34_MIPS Giro_H_Montara_BlackGalaxy_Profile_MIPS Giro_H_Montara_BlackGalaxy_34_MIPS

The Giro Montaro MIPS and Montara MIPS will be available worldwide Fall 2015 with the Montaro MIPS available in eight colors and the Montara MIPS in three colors. More information may be found at



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