Goodyear Enter the MTB Market

Surely as a bit of a surprise to many, Goodyear just entered the cycling tire market. The auto tire maker needs little introduction, but they’re charging head on into the non-motorized, two wheeled market broadly – with road, gravel and MTB tires, but we’ll be focusing on their MTB offerings.


Starting with least aggressive and moving toward more aggressive, Goodyear is launching the Peak, Escape, Newton and Newton ST. In short, the Peak is a long rolling resistance XC tire. The Escape is a mid duty Trail/AM/Enduro tire. The Newton is a heavier duty Enduro/DH tire, and its heavy duty bit brother, the Newton ST is a mainly aimed at DH and is available all the way up to 29X2.6″.

Goodyear is starting small with tread patterns – they are not offering loads of options just yet, but they have spread themselves out nicely across all disciplines. Below is a breakdown of the four tires currently being produced.




Newton ST


Future Testing

We haven’t gotten our hands on any tires for testing yet, but will be receiving some at Sea Otter. It will be interesting to see how things get shaken up with a new, large scale player in the industry. We’ll keep you posted.

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