GT Launches the New Fury

GT has finally pulled back the curtain on their new, completely re-designed Fury after months of being shrouded in mystery. It has a handful of notable features, but perhaps what is most striking about the bike is that it can be set up a variety of ways, unlike the last Fury which literally didn’t have a single geometry adjustment. Utilizing flip chips, headset cups and more, the bike can take either 27.5″ or 29″ wheels and features adjustable:

– Reach, by +/- 3.5mm
– Chainstay Length, by +/-10mm
– Head angle, by +/- .5º
– Bottom bracket height, by +/- ~6mm


The frame is a complete departure from anything GT has done in the past. It uses a revamped version of their LTS suspension that draws from a handful of successful, popular designs. Starting off, a high placed pivot with an idler helps isolute the influence of drivetrain forces from suspension characteristics. The chainstay is interrupted ala “Horst Link”, and the seatstays drive a massive linkage that compresses the rear shock at a progressive rate.


According to GT: “The GT Fury comes in three models, Team, Expert, Pro, and a frameset. The GT Fury Team, a near replica of the GT Factory Race bikes, will be available in 29″ only.  The Pro model features a blended wheel size offering – 27.5” for small and medium and 29” for medium and large. The Expert is exclusively equipped with 27.5” wheels to keep it poppy and playful in the bike park. Racers and riders who want the most adjustability out of their Fury can purchase a frameset which includes a Switch Kit to swap from 27.5” to 29” wheels.”


  • Metric size/Trunnion mount rear shock
  • Boost rear spacing
  • 200mm rear travel
  • 27.5″ or 29″ wheel size
  • Flip chip lower shock eyelet
  • Adjustable chainstay length, via rear axle flip chips
  • Adjustable reach via headeset cups
  • Carbon Fiber front end
  • Aluminum rear end
  • “Groove Tube” externally routed, but hidden cable/hose routing
  • LTS suspension platform – 4-bar/high pivot with idler/Horst link
  • Integrated fork bumpers

LTS – It Eats Up The Bumps and Sh!ts Out Hero Dirt

We’ve brought a GT classic back and updated it with modern functionality. The LTS’ progressive leverage ratio is soft in the beginning then ramps up on a linear slope providing a smooth, controlled, and predictable ride. Our focus was to provide the rider with improved braking performance, bump absorption and increased traction.

29 or 27.5 – Swap Drop and Roll

The all-new Fury frameset is compatible with either wheel size and geometry is unaffected. Use the Switch Kit to swap, drop and roll from 27.5 to 29 wheels.

FLIP CHIPS – Hi=Fast, Low=Faster

Adjust your geometry based on terrain or riding style with a chip at the shock mount and another one at the rear axle. The leverage ratio and spring rate are unaffected in either setting.

GROOVE TUBE – We’re taking the swearing out of Maintenance…

And putting the groove back in instead. The Groove Tube routes the cables externally for easy upkeep, and out of the way of rock strikes and shuttle pads, while preserving a fast looking, sleek profile on your bike.


The high main pivot gives the Fury an optimal rearward axle path. Pedal feedback and chain growth is mitigated using an idler pulley, providing the rider with true suspension performance independent of pedaling forces.


By using Groove Tube technology, cables are externally routed away from race plates using integrated bump stops. The cables run externally down the Groove Tube and are hidden out of sight for a slick-looking ride.


  • Modern shock mount is trunnion/metric, designed for both air and coil shock
  • Large area for tire clearance means more versatility with tire choice.


  • Flip chip allows the rider to switch the bike from fast and low to faster and lower.
  • Reach adjust headset cups allows for fine tuning.


Specs & Pricing

GT Fury Team 29 – $7,5000 USD

GT Fury Pro 27.5/29 – $5,500 USD

GT Fury Expert 27.5 – $4,000 USD

Fury Frameset – $3,000 USD

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