Industry Nine’s New 1/1 Ultralite Carbon Wheelset

[Press Release] – Simple. Speed. That pair of attributes are the guiding principles of Industry Nine’s latest wheel offering, the 1/1 Ultralite Carbon. Simplicity comes by way of our remarkably dependable 1/1 hubs, and the no-frills, unassuming approach shared by all 1/1 series wheels. The speed is courtesy of our Ultralite 250 carbon rim, laced with 24 conventional Sapim Sprint butted spokes. The end result is a sub-1500g, lifetime warranty-backed wheelset ready to start attacking big climbs and recording long miles.


Purpose built to be at home on the start grid at World Cups or at the pointy end of bucket list gravel races, the all new 1/1 UL Carbon is a wheelset designed to turn everyday into Race Day, while playing fair with a privateer’s budget. The nimble 350g carbon rim hints at XC mountain bike ambitions, and offers confident handling and fatigue-combating compliance you’ll be thankful for as you’re racing daylight.

The 1/1 ULc is available in two nearly identical packages – one focused on drop bar riding and the other built for modern XC mountain bikes. What’s the difference? Simply the hub spacing. Same carbon rims, same Sapim Sprint spokes, same 1/1 hubs providing positive engagement every four degrees.

The mountain bike specific, 24-hole, 1/1 hubset offered in Center Lock is
an all-new Industry Nine offering intended for XC and marathon-oriented builds. The hubs will also be offered as a standalone hub option. To make set-up as easy as zipping on a plate or pinning a number, all i9 wheels come with tape and valves installed. 1/1 Ultralite Carbon wheels are available for pre-order now and will begin shipping to riders March 31, 2022.


  • 25mm inner diameter rim
  • 24 spoke coun
  • 29″
  • Centerlock brake mount
  • Boost spacing
  • 2.1″ – 2.4″ recommended tire width
  • 1,440 grams with tape and valves
  • 250 lb. max rider weight
  • $1,600 USD

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