Introducing the new 185mm Travel Revive from BikeYoke

Bike Yoke just announced some key updates to their Revive dropper post. First and foremost, an increased travel (185mm) option and also a micro valve and an integrated mini reset lever. Check out the full details in the Press Release and videos below…

BikeYoke – REVIVE 185mm version
Microvalve, Integrated Mini Lever, “Post-only“  Option


After launching  our 125mm and 160mm on-the-fly bleedable dropper posts beginning of this year, BikeYoke´s award winning REVIVE is now available with a whopping 185mm drop!!!
After more than half a year of field and lab testing, the REVIVE can now be ordered in its longest version.  Due to an extremely low stack height of 41mm and the short overall length, the 185mm version should be able to find its way into a lot of frames of taller riders, who desire more travel than what most competitors can offer.
Deliveries for the 185mm version will start by middle of August to customers.

Besides the new travel option, all REVIVES received some other interesting new updates:

    All REVIVEs now come with a patented new feature, which is called “Microvalve”. Microvalve is a small membrane, which sits inside the outer oil/air chamber and is there to minimize the chance of air getting inside the inner chamber, where it causes a springy post. Unlike an IFP, the Microvalve membrane is installed statically and just offers enough resistance to air not passing it, i.e. when you put the post upside down or lay it down for a while. However, when you drop or raise the post, the pressure will easily bend the membrane, so that oil can pass, and won´t affect REVIVE´s  famous super smooth action. This membrane will effectively reduce the frequency between required resets, while keeping the reset procedure and actuation of the post itself as smooth and easy as before.
    Currently the REVIVE´s unique reset feature (see video below) was activated by the turn of a 4mm Allen key. Since a lot of customers asked for an integrated reset-lever (in order to not have to grab the Allen Key anymore), BikeYoke now offers their REVIVEs with an integrated mini lever, which can be attached to the post in place of the Allen Key. The mini-lever is secured by an o-ring, and customers can choose to keep it on the post, or take it off for a cleaner look.
    Good thing: The mini lever is retrofittable and owners of current REVIVE versions can get it directly from BikeYoke´s online shop. Since the design of the reset mechanism did not change, the reset feature of the new REVIVEs can still be activated by a 4mm Allen key. The mini lever will be included in all posts after Eurobike show, when ordered from directly.

BikeYoke is known for rider oriented products and solutions, and we´ve noticed, that, after releasing our “Triggy” remote last year, a lot more upgrade remotes  showed up. Enthusiasts want to customize their bikes, and so we decided to offer the REVIVE as a “post-only” only option. Of course we´d like to see our posts being used with our own Remote, but we eventually do want to leave the choice with the customer. If they´re happy with their remote, we´re happy to supply the post.

Pricing and availability for the new REVIVEs from :

  • Pricing includes 19% VAT, customers  from outside EU will be charged without VAT
  • All posts shipped directly from before Eurobike will ship without the integrated mini-reset-lever until after Eurobike show. After Eurobike show the levers will be included without upcharge.
  • As usual, shipping is free worldwide when ordering from
  • New pricing pricing will be effective from September 01, 2017REVIVE 125 including remote: 359€ (available now)
    REVIVE 160 including remote: 379€ (available now)
    REVIVE 185 including remote: 419€ (deliveries will start by middle of August)

REVIVE 125 (post only): 319€ (available now)
REVIVE 160 (post only): 339€ (available now)
REVIVE 185 (post only): 379€ (deliveries will start by middle of August)

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