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[Press Release] After three years of research, we came up with a wheel hub like no other. The aluminium rims are the best that technology can offer today. Weigh is very limited. Solidity and quality match our usual standards, with no compromise. Maximum smoothness, extremely reliable, minimum wear on the bearings and no maintenance.


These are just a few of the characteristics that make Linea wheels the right wheels to excel in every discipline. With the option to choose between Boost or standard hubs, wheel diameters of 29” / 27,5” / 27,5” Plus, and three rim widths (27,2mm, 30mm and 40mm), no rider will fail to find his ideal wheel in the Linea range.  It does not matter if you do cross-country, all-mountain or Enduro, starting today Linea wheels will set rails under your bike and will keep you glued to your trajectory.  On Linea wheels, turning will be like turning on a new path right behind a local expert, you’ll feel like you have known your lines all your life.

Linea 2

With weight of 1.356g and rim width of 27 mm, the Linea 2 wheelset covers a vast range of uses from cross country/marathon to trail/all mountain. With an innovative hub, designed for the highest performance in terms of smoothness thanks to Wide Position Design (WPD), Linea 2 will give you a new, advanced riding experience. The special Full Contact Technology (FCT) drastically reduces wear and tear on the bearings and protects them from the infiltration of water and dirt.

LINEA2_StudioThanks to the special design of the Easy Maintenance System (EMS) standard hub maintenance is made easy. The ordinary maintenance of a component like the rear hub, often a complicated undertaking, is significantly improved. The hookless rim design guarantees the best tire seating with tubeless systems. Available with boost or standard hubs and in 29” and 27,5” rims, Linea 2 wheelset was designed to be the go-to wheels for all riders who do not intend to compromise on a component as fundamental as wheels.


Linea 3

Enduro is undoubtedly a discipline that puts component design to the hardest test. Light weight must be associated with the performance and reliability that are typical of downhill products. Linea 3 wheels have been designed to satisfy the requirements of next generation enduro riding.

LINEA3_Studio3The aluminium rim with a width of 30 mm is ideal for the most aggressive endurance riding. The rear hub represents the best of what today’s technology can produce. The incredible smoothness of the wheel made possible by the Wide Position Design (WPD), sets a new bar on solidity to the rear hub that was unthinkable previously.

Rear_Hub_Studio_5Full Contact Technology (FCT) protects the bearings from water and mud infiltrations, ensuring long-lasting performance. With the Easy Maintenance System, you will have no difficulty performing ordinary maintenance. The standard sizes of 29” and 27,5”, together with the availability of both boost and standard hubs, make Linea 3 wheels right for all types of riding. A must for Enduro, Linea 3 wheels will become your riding partner.


Linea 4

The 27,5” Plus is winning more and more preference in the world of mountain biking. Today, this size offers the greatest possible comfort from the larger tires with greater air volume. Linea 4 wheels, with their 40 mm wide rim, represent the ideal choice for those who ride the 27,5” Plus. The hookless aluminium rim guarantees the best adhesion for the tire. The next generation rear hub supplies the highest level of performance. The Wide Position Design (WPD) provides the best smoothness and stability. Bearing life is doubled by the exclusive Full Contact Technology (FCT).

LINEA4_Studio_3Ordinary maintenance is even simpler to carry out with the Easy Maintenance System (EMS). Linea 4 wheels provide a concentration of technology dedicated to the new standard that is already very popular with riders. If you want the greatest comfort together with the highest level of performance, Linea 4 wheels for 27,5” Plus are the wheels designed for you.



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