Jolanda Neff joins the KROSS Racing Team


[Press release] One overall top ten finish, one overall top five finish and silver medal from Rio De Janiero – it has been a successful year for the KROSS Racing Team but the race does not stop here. The addition of Swiss athlete Jolanda Neff who is currently leading the 2016 UCI rankings, is clear sign that the team are hunting for more top results.


Jolanda Neff is the first gold medalist from the 2015 European Games in Baku and two-time World Cup Champion (2014,2015). Her credentials speak for themselves but watching her race – it is clear that Jolanda is just getting started.
Joining the KROSS Racing Team, Jolanda will start on the KROSS Level B+, the brands new 7,9kg carbon hardtail. Jolanda will also have full access to the engineers at KROSS who over the last 2 years developed the current Level B+ together with Maja for her race in Rio de Janiero.

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Jolanda Neff:
“I am more than excited to join the Kross Racing Team. Maja Włoszczowska and Fabian Giger have already been my team mates in the past and I have nothing but great memories with them. […] I am really looking forward to working together with the whole team. The mechanic, physio, photographer and team manager are all very professional. I can’t wait to develop my skills as a rider and become a part of the bike development at KROSS.”

KROSS marketing manager, Arek Trzciński says, “We are very happy and excited that Jolanda wants to join our team. KROSS is growing fast and we have momentum at the moment thanks to a strong UCI season and a silver medal in Rio de Janiero. Having Jolanda race on our bikes next to Maja, Fabian and Bartek is another milestone for the company. KRT Manager, Tomek Świerczyński has successfully established a well functioning team with a great atmosphere. We are certain Jolanda will fit in perfectly.”

The figurehead of KRT, Maja Włoszczowska is currently enjoying a well deserved holiday after a historic year, winning a silver medal at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero. Maja (current UCI rank 4th) is also thrilled to have some new young blood race in KRT colors.

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Maja Włoszczowska:
“I was already in a team with Jolanda two years ago and we became good friends. She is 10 years younger than me but very mature. As an athlete I believe that with a bit more experience she will soon be unbeatable. She is the most talented MTB rider I’ve ever met and will certainly put pressure on me to keep up the pace. I believe that together with Fabian Giger and Bartek Wawak we will have a great team spirit which will help us achieve top results and raise awareness of the quality of KROSS bikes. ”

Fellow team mate and Swiss rider Fabian Giger (current UCI rank 9th) joined the KROSS Racing Team in 2016. Fabian is an ambitious rider who also spends a lot of time on the road bike. Fabian has high hopes for the future and is happy to have another swiss rider on the team.

Fabian Giger:
“I know Jolanda already for many years. It has been impressive to watch her progress from the youth to the elite ranks. Jolanda is one of the most talented women racers. She is very ambitious and because she always gives 100%, she expects the best from the bikes and team. I think KROSS can be really proud to have her on board.”

A successful MTB racing team is not easy to put together – just like a bike, every part has a role to play and is crucial to the overall success of the team. With a new rider like Jolanda Neff, the KROSS Racing Team has a bright and successful season ahead. KROSS will continue to support the teams efforts by ensuring the quality of their bikes.

More information about the KROSS Racing Team can be found on:

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