Martin Maes Joins the Orbea Fox Enduro Team


[Press Release] – Competition, product development, shared values and the search for victory. The sum of all these factors has brought Martin Maes and the Orbea Fox Enduro Team together with the brands that make the team possible: Orbea, Fox, Race Face, Maxxis, Met/Bluegrass and Fizik, among others. “We have chosen each other because of a shared goal: to win the EWS and develop the best products. We’re ALL IN!” says Iñaki Ucín, Orbea’s Sponsorship Manager.


The relationship between Martin and Orbea dates back a few years to finally lead to the right time, right goal now. “We discussed our concerns and objectives; our values and challenges; and we found common ground that has since blossomed into a concrete relationship that starts now,” says Martin from the Mallabia facilities during a lately in December.

The product, the skill, the structure, and the people of the team, as well as the values and long-term objectives, were key in developing this new partnership. Martin took a thoughtful approach to be sure that the Rallon is the right bike to achieve these common and shared goals, getting to know the people of Orbea, its cooperative philosophy and its unique brand differences. As an ambassador for Fox and Shimano, he knows the products perfectly. Everything was meant to lead to a partnership that will be the talk of the industry.

As a member of the Fox Enduro Team, Martin will play a dual role. On one hand, his sight is set on reaching the top of the Enduro World Series in a joint effort with the whole team, partners and the people behind these brands. He will still be at the start of other racing disciplines, like DH, always aiming for the best performance.

On the other hand, Martin will play a key role with Orbea’s development and innovation team, helping them to create the best possible products and solutions. For Orbea, this is a new step on the way to deliver high-performance equipment and designs to riders, regardless of the discipline. “I already feel at home at Orbea. It is a family that has grown steadily in recent years, and I’m attracted to its philosophy, its products, its people, and its way of working. I come to give my best, just like them. And for the rest, next season will tell,” says Martin.

Communication will be another major part of this partnership, as both the Orbea Fox Enduro Team and Martin are eager to share and act on different activations, plans, developments, and even wilder ideas that they want to develop together.

“That’s the all in spirit. We are going to do our very best, each and every day, to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves. Let’s give it all, let’s be all in,” concludes Iñaki.


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