Marzocchi Introduces the Bomber Z2

[Press release] There was a time—not that long ago—when mountain bikes were simple. We had one two-wheeled ride to rule every trail. The DH rig was an XC steed. Your dirt jumper was a commuter. We suffered through pinch flats, snakebites, and dented frames. Bruised egos and broken cranks. A successful season was measured in stories and worn-out V-brake pads, not miles tracked with an app. Front derailleurs and triple chainrings danced together in clumsy frustration. Handlebars were narrow as all hell. So were minds.

Front suspension was met with suspicion. Dual suspension mostly with outrage. Meanwhile, people put bizarre springs on their stems and seat posts to take the edge off. Riders and journalists alike derided suspension as being “out of touch” with tradition, or a crutch for the weak. The same language every revolution hears echoed in op-eds printed on thin paper. Fear ruled the roost. But what is next does not wait for what is feared. It smashes through.


The leap from rigid forks to suspended freedom opened up more terrain, allowing for larger airs and gnarlier lines. More importantly, it meant more fun. Shock boots and coil springs. Leaky seals. Huck to flat. Send it. Send it. Send it. The Marzocchi Z2 was a badge of honor. It still is. Red forks that match with anything. A heritage that speaks volumes. In the past twenty years, bikes may have changed dramatically but, damn it, does progress ever look good.

Long live fun. Long live the king. Welcome back, Z2. Now, send it.


• Enhanced lower leg stiffness with “M” arch design for maximum tire clearance
• Gloss Red (Matte Black paint option available)
• New 15QRx110mm axle design
• 27.5×2.8 or 29×2.6 tire compatibility
• 100, 120, 130, 140, 150mm travel options
• 37, 44, 51mm fork rake options

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